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Inspires, opens hearts, and cleanses tear ducts



With a near-fatal accident resulting in trauma, uncertainty, and life-long limitations, Penned Without Ink: Trusting God to Write Your Story is one family's true journey of faith. Sit beside hushed bedsides, observe delicate operations, and feel the angst of life-and-death decisions. Author, Sarah Lynn Phillips, captures the essence of hope born through her struggle to trust and rely on God. It is clear to see why this book has won so many awards. An incredibly fast read worthy of every second invested. This book will inspire, open hearts, and cleanse tear ducts. If you’ve ever experienced a dramatic event that has caused you to question your faith, Penned Without Ink is a book that could be prescribed in place on any medicine; for its healing properties are as true as the words written therein.

~TopShelf Reviews