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What an unbelievable page-turner!



Restoration, by Daniel C. McWhorter, brings up the morality of human cloning and where the line is drawn. Is it okay to clone an entire body or just parts that may be malfunctioning? Dr. Feldman wakes up after 52 years in a cryogenic state. His granddaughter Aubrey is now the CEO of the Genetics Company Evan started. Science has advanced beyond his wildest dreams and Evan faces internal conflict as he tries to catch up. Human Kind is dying––something is causing infertility, and no one can figure it out. Evan, Aubrey, and their trusted few are determined to make it to a distant planet and find a cure. The Global Federation of Nations is after them. They've been alerted that Aubrey brought Dr. Feldman back from the dead––an act made illegal. They are pursued across the world and into space. What an unbelievable page-turner! Picked this book up and finished it in one afternoon––it just wasn't going to be put down!

~Jenn Kraft, TopShelf Reviews