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Packed with adventure and oceanic thrills… a fantastic read!



If you like adventure, and sailing the wild blue seas, Beyond Beauport is the perfect read for you. Throw in a feisty heroine who is searching for a second chance in life, and her seafaring uncle who is determined to help her find it, and you have the makings of a truly entertaining book. The two chart a course in search of a treasure that their ancestors, the fearless, redheaded, pirate Anne Bonny and her pirate lover Calico Jack Rackham purportedly buried on Marco Island off the coast of Florida. Shannon’s dream is to become a sailing master, and to do that, she must first master Paddy’s sailing brigantine, the Second Wind. They set out from the old port of Gloucester with two intentions, to make a sailor of Shannon and to find a treasure worth millions. The adventure begins with beautifully descriptive historical locations from Gloucester, Massachusetts, to Charleston South Carolina, to Florida, and island hops all over the Caribbean. Packed with adventure and oceanic thrills Beyond Beauport is a fantastic read.

~Belle Ami, TopShelf Reviews