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An intense romantic thriller that burns hotter and faster with each page



Hundreds of years ago, the Faerie Realm was separate from the human world. All that changed when two evil Fae brought down the wall, separating the two worlds, and killed many of their own kind in what is now known as the Desolation. This cataclysmic event was dreamt about before its occurrence by a small child, Seireadan, a Faerie girl who would become a Seer––one who sees the future. The problem, no one believes her. But Seireadan has never forgotten his face or the fact that he took the lives of her parents. To this day, her utmost desire is to find the Fae and kill him for what he did. Today, Faerie and humans live in the same world, but a lot of animosity and hatred exist between them. Aohdan Collins is the patriarch of the Boston brainse, or the Fae contingent, that rules the underworld and much of the city’s criminal activity. He and his men are feared and loathed by both the Faerie and human world. When Aohdan and Seireadan meet, the attraction is overwhelming, and they soon fall in love, but can either ever feel safe enough to bare all their secrets to each other, or will one of them be betrayed. Shadow King is an intense romantic thriller that keeps burning hotter and faster with every page. By the time the climax came, I could feel my heart pounding with every word! Susan K. Hamilton has written a stunning romantic crime-thriller set in a world of fantasy. Whether a thriller fan or fantasy, you will devour Shadow King.

~Mark Aducci, TopShelf Reviews