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Hits all the pulse points for a great, suspense fueled thriller!



When a nuclear sub is downed off the shores of North Korea by their deranged ruler, who bears a keen resemblance to Kim Jong Un, all hell breaks loose. The drone is a top-secret weapon developed by the US military with top-secret technology, meaning there’s a high-level traitor out there. Things heat up quickly, and the world seems destined for a nuclear electromagnetic pulse attack from North Korea, and/or all-out nuclear war between China and the US, and/or a nuclear holocaust between the Russian Federation and the US. Why is this happening? The President of the United States is having none of it, and our heroes, known as “The Project,” a covert counter-terrorism unit that answers to just one boss, the President, are put on the case. Next stop North Korea. High Alert by Alex Lukeman hits all the pulse points for a great, suspense fueled thriller. An intriguing adventure that pits absolute evil against absolute good. 

~Belle Ami, TopShelf Reviews