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JAW-DROPPING… An exciting read that informs as well as entertains



Reagan Country––the most recent in the Pastor Stephen Grant series ––is a political thriller tackling the “what if” a leader was to rise in Russia whose beliefs were altered by Ronald Reagan and his economic vision. Reagan Country pits two opposing doctrines: Soviet-controlled communism against capitalism and a free marketplace and serves as a platform and historical reminder of one of the most important accomplishments of Ronald Reagan’s presidency––bringing down the Soviet Union, starting with the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. An exciting read that informs as well as entertains. Follow Pastor Stephen Grant, as he finds himself protecting the life of Vassily Orlov, a Russian businessman and front-runner in the Russian Presidential election after the sitting president has been assassinated. With endless twists and turns, beginning at the Reagan Library, where Jennifer Grant, Stephen’s economist wife, speaks at an event honoring Reagan and ending with a jaw-dropping climax, Reagan Country reminds us, relationships are not always what they seem.

~TopShelf Reviews