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One of the most touching and inspiring crime thrillers you’ll ever read



For Sean Hightower, musician, songwriter, and former recording artist, life in the 1980's had brought him a sudden burst of notoriety for his chart-topping hit "Looking Glass." But it was all lost when his record company was bought out. Even more tragically, Sean's girlfriend, Merissa, falls victim to the notorious "Beatles song" killer––a  killer infamous for leaving Beatles song references at the scene of each murder, after binding, raping, and then firing a fatal shot to the right temple. In Merissa's case, two notes, one with the word "Hello" and another with the word "Goodbye" are taped to the wall above the horrific crime scene. A phone call from police detective Ray Maldonado and a chance meeting with, quite literally, the girl next door, Kayleigh––a young lady with a devastating cancer diagnosis and an unquenchable desire to battle for life––bring Sean from the brink of suicide. While Maldonado needs Sean's help to solve the murder, Sean discovers that his new friend Kayleigh has reignited his own will to carry on. As he digs deeper into the case, he unwittingly draws danger to both himself and Kayleigh, culminating in a desperate and deadly confrontation with the serial killer himself. You Say Goodbye satisfies on a profoundly emotional and thrilling level, with both a heart-pounding climax and a genuinely touching conclusion. There is a bit of profanity overload; however, the book is so good that I can forgive that.

~Donald Richard, TopShelf Reviews