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A magnificent portal into an expansive realm spanning a millennium––impossible to put down



What if our entire history from the biblical Garden of Eden until now is due to a love/hate relationship between two ancient gods? When these gods are in love, peace reigns across the world. When they're in conflict, chaos and calamities run rampant. From the dawn of mankind, through America's Civil War, and well into the distant future, these gods influence and shape our world. Then comes the Great Rapture, and Sky Parlor is created. Is it the Utopia of dreams, or the final battlefield? Author, Stephen Perkins is a master wordsmith who clearly loves exploring and expanding lexicon, which works well in this highly intellectual genre. Sky Parlor is a magnificent portal into an expansive realm spanning a millennium––a massive undertaking that blends science-fiction, fantasy, Greek mythology, and American history––packed with intrigue, nail-splitting action, and thrills, resulting in a novel that's impossible to put down.

~TopShelf Reviews