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Leaves a noteworthy mark on the classic whodunnit genre.



The murder of one of Cab Station’s own had rocked town residents, but the case ultimately went cold, forgotten for decades. That is until the identity of the victim gets uncovered by Nicholas Tucker Tyson—NT, for short—and his friend Daisy, who launch their own investigation. Along the way, they befriend Hoot, who unknowingly holds the key to solving the mystery. In between golf practice, basketball challenges, and trips to the ice cream parlor, NT and Daisy relentlessly search for the truth––a shocking revelation that will rock an already devastated town to its core. We couldn’t find a single reviewer on our staff who was a fan of golf. However, after just a few minutes of reading this book, it became evident that loving the game of golf is by no means a requirement for loving this book. With obvious inspiration from such masters as Nancy Drew and Agatha Christie, literary newcomer, Holly Spofford leaves a noteworthy mark on the classic whodunnit genre, beloved by millions. We eagerly await her next installment.

~TopShelf Reviews