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An entertaining, comedic, religious, coming-of-age tale



Bridget Flagherty, a student at St. Michael's Catholic school outside Boston in the 60s-70s, takes refuge in wacky misunderstandings of Bible Stories and Catholic beliefs to avoid problems in her Irish/Italian family life. New-coming author, Kathleen Zamboni McCormick has penned quite the entertaining, comedic, religious, coming-of-age tale with the multi-award-winning Dodging Satan, which does NOT shy away from controversy. Bridget Flagherty's musings on sadistic nuns, domestic violence, emerging sexuality, and God the Father's romantic life will intrigue some, disturb others, and entertain almost all. It's obvious to TopShelf why Dodging Satan has won so many awards. However, as good as this book is, it’s not for everyone.

~TopShelf Reviews