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Entertaining with engaging characters, fantastic attention to detail


This thriller, written in the literary stylings of a Jessica Fletcher Murder She Wrote mystery, suffers from the stilted writing style of the author. Despite this, it is entertaining with engaging characters, who would benefit from being fleshed out. Jonas Kirk, a private investigator (though we don't know this until the last couple chapters) is in shock over the sudden death of local firefighter Gary Munson while attempting to snuff out a blaze at the local abandoned mansion. Kirk brainstorms the idea of an autumn festival to raise spirits. While enlisting the aid of Gary's circle of childhood friends in what would be called Pumkinfest, Kirk stirs up deadly secrets involving illicit sex and… murder.  Author, Dick Snyder offers some fantastic attention to detail and unquestionably vivid descriptions that add just the right atmosphere to this small-town murder mystery. There is an undeniable sense of drama associated with these deeply buried secrets. The problems with this book could easily be resolved by hiring an editor who could help with sentence structure and flow. There is an excellent story here, fighting to be realized.

~Donald Richard, TopShelf Reviews