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Inventive… compelling… a worthwhile read


Everyone you know wants the same thing... your death. Rob and Cash are on a trip to Vegas with hopes of food, fun, and possible wedding bells. But their adventure is derailed when an act of terror transforms America into a sudden fight for survival. Daniel O'Connor's Canni is a glimpse into a future that may be closer than we think. A time when no one can be trusted. When everyday citizens can turn into monsters. But Canni are not zombies. They're so much worse. It would be wrong of me to not point out that this book has flaws. However, even with all its somewhat wonky dialog, underdeveloped characters, and a second-half that appears to lose sight of what the first half had so nicely constructed, the book managed to hold our attention. If not for the author's inventiveness and the book's quite compelling premise, we likely would have given up on it. In the end, Canni proved to be a worthwhile read.

~TopShelf Reviews