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A Truly Memorable Book For The Golf Enthusiast...



I never had any inclination toward golf. To quote my father, "There are golf people, and then there are people like us, you know, regular people." It's not something I was around or anything I ever wanted to watch, and that's just how it was. That is until I read Cover Me Boys, I'm Going In by Emmy Award-winning sports television producer Keith Hirshland. I feel different about golf now––especially televised golf. I sympathize with much of Keith's story, empathize with others, and even found myself belly-laughing at times. Oh, to have been a fly on the wall at ESPN when Craig Kilborn was there, or when Dan Patrick and Keith Oberman were the kings of Sportscenter. Cover Me Boys, I'm Going In is a truly memorable book that gave me the scene of being a lucky dinner party guest, listening to the life of a man who knows many things that I have little to no interaction with. It's good to know that the Golf Channel, long ago, had such a good man behind the lens to help it along. Pick this one up for your golf enthusiasts, autobiography fans, and anyone who loves excellent television stories. Trust me, you're going to make them very happy!

~Mrs. Y, TopShelf Reviews