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What I Look For In A Book... Provokes Emotion!



Gabe Johnson grew up surrounded by books. His father and grandfather own a rare books store that has been successful for many years. After graduating from college, Gabe's father is eager to marry him off and pushes him in the direction of the store's clerk, Olivia. Their relationship ends when Olivia decides to move away to college. The Johnsons are reluctant to embrace the newest technology - the internet. Their reluctance to have a website and online purchases drive down their sales.  After the death of his father, Gabe closes the store and buys a house in a small town off the shore of Lake Michigan. The town mayor eventually persuades him to open a book store. This book was an exciting look into what rare booksellers and collectors go through to develop their own personal collections. I got invested in this book and the lives of the characters. I wanted to shake them and tell them to snap out of it!  This is what I look for in a book - something that provokes emotion. 

~Jenn Kraft, TopShelf Reviews