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A Masterfully Written Thriller



An incredibly competent, likable, yet flawed character, and an intricate engulfing plot that is easy to understand: what's not to like? Otho Eskin has produced a tense and entertaining thriller. Like any excellent crime novel, persona plays a considerable role in the success of this story, and Marko Zom is mere brilliance. He doesn't care who he upsets in his need to find a killer. Zorn is a detective for the Washington DC Metropolitan Police and, his current investigation is proving to be quite challenging, frustrating, and extremely dangerous. But Zorn has extravagant tastes that a police department paycheck alone could never fulfill. So he supplements with income that doesn't always fall in step with his job. Otho Eskin's The Reflecting Pool does NOT disappoint, almost propelling the pages forward as you tirelessly read through the night. A masterfully written thriller.

~Bobby Jo Calder, TopShelf Reviews