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A Truly Fantastic Book!



Murder in Season is an excellent read and a breath of fresh air. Jon Land is eloquent and relentlessly engaging. Could NOT put this gem down! With work on the reconstruction of her beloved home almost complete, Jessica Fletcher is in high spirits, spearheading the annual Christmas parade and preparing for her nephew Grady and his family to come to town. The only thing dampening the holiday cheer is the discovery of two sets of bones on Jessica's property: one set ancient, the other only about a year old. Reporter Tad Hollenbeck arrives in Cabot Cove to write about what he calls the murder capital of the country. But when Tad himself turns up murdered, Jessica speculates that his arrival, his death, and the discovery of the bones are all somehow linked. As Jessica digs deeper, things seem to come back to a mystery that's long plagued Cabot Cove. To solve the case, she'll need to delve into her beloved town's dark history. Could this holiday season become her last? Land has a master's eye for weightless detail. Refreshing and alive. Never allowing you to leave the edge of your seat. The plot is intricate yet never confusing. I appreciate the advanced vernacular. Land refuses to "dumb it down" to make it allegedly easier to read. Thank you for a truly fantastic book!

~Jenn Taylor, TopShelf Reviews