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Delightful and Highly Recommended!



Engaging and well-paced, Rich DiSilvio's Short Stories II is a fantastic anthology for fans of historical fiction who enjoy short stories following a unified theme. Short Stories II debuts two intriguing mysteries featuring a dapper and witty private eye named Armand Arnolfini, as he investigates baffling art-related crimes entailing forgery and theft. The book also features a spine-chilling tale about John Vagis, a moving and edifying story of two airmen during the Korean War with an unexpected twist, historical narratives featuring such notables as Augustus Caesar, FDR, and Winston Churchill, and more. The stories fit well together; however, the book feels somewhat top-heavy due to their placement. I believe the book would have benefitted from the two main stories bookending the rest. In the end, this book was delightful and highly recommended.

~Mrs. Y,  TopShelf Reviews