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Suspense Throughout - Impossible to Put Down!



An immensely good read! Malthus Revisited begins with a character for whom you feel incredibly sorry. That is until you learn just who––or what––he has become. These characters are very relatable, though the author wants the reader to understand that Dr. McCall is a super-genius––driving this point throughout the novel. The race is on to stop the release of a fiercely deadly virus. Ex-Marine, now assassin for hire, Joe Cairns is tasked with rescuing a kidnapped scientist who may possess answers and an antidote. One young girl, Morgan, has visions of
what the virus caused when released into a Chinese prison. Dr. McCall and her team of police and scientist race to China to find answers. They find a sample left behind by the solider believed to have poisoned the prison's food. But when Dr. McCall rushes in to collect the specimen, she inadvertently inhales a trace of the sample. On the flight home, Dr. McCall collapses, and the rescued scientist, Sebastian, injects her with the antidote he's been secretly working on. But will the cure save her life or end it? This book held me in suspense throughout— impossible to put down.

~Jenn Kraft,  TopShelf Reviews