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Kept Me Reading Long Into the Night!



I realize that a screenplay is far different and shorter than a book, so perhaps I'm slightly off-base. I will start by saying that the storyline is excellent! It was different reading this script, but I got into it quickly. The character development could have been better. It's a good but predictable script. There's nothing innately wrong with it––just a lot of common themes. I lived in AK, and it would have been great if the native population had been more than either one "rich" native Alaskan who works for the boss and the others who are all against the pipeline and creating problems. I would have preferred to see that some outside agencies were being assholes because they didn't understand the native population or the pipeline. It would have also been nice if the tribe had actually helped save the day, instead of being mere protesters––the white man, merely money-hungry savages. In reality, the pipeline and accompanying revenue would benefit all Alaskan residents.

~Jenn Taylor,  TopShelf Reviews