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Strong Cold Dead is a Roaring Thrill-Ride! Jon Land's Writing Style is Immaculate.

A roaring thrill-ride spanning over a century of Strong family history in law enforcement. Land's latest addition to his captivating Caitlin Strong series, Strong Cold Dead seesaws through the annals of Texas Ranger history and a maze of mysterious murders connected through time.

Something unthinkable happened over a hundred years ago near the Native American reservation, and a Texas ranger named Jack Strong was there to investigate. Today, something similar is happening, and Strong’s five-time great-granddaughter is there to take on his role.

Caitlin Strong’s unconventional approach to Texas justice is as much a part of her as it is the land she protects. Ingrained with her family's own brand of bravery and bull-headedness, she dives headfirst into trouble, guns blazing. Only today, Caitlin is confronted by a new breed of terror, hellbent on destroying far more than just land.

Jon Land jumps between the grittiness of the Old West to the hot intensity of our modern age with ease, and his writing style is immaculate. Strong Cold Dead is like a speeding freight train, packed with a variety of compelling characters, hurtling toward a destination that will forever change their world.

~Carole P. Roman, TopShelf Review