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Cannot Remember A Book That Moved Me So Much!



I cannot remember reading a book that moved me so much, evoking so many emotions, from anger to disbelief, which made me stop and think about my own approach to life. To read about the experiences the black community was going through in the 1950s from someone's perspective, living through the bullying, intimidation, and fearing for their lives, put's one's life in view. The segregation was unbelievable, and the visceral hatred and violence and injustice incredible. Yet despite the many injustices the black students faced, they continued to hold their heads up high and with dignity. This book is written from the voices of the authors, just before the reforms initiated by the protests of Rosa Parks in 1955 and Martin Luther King's "I have a dream', speech in 1963. Thank you, Mrs. Eckford and Ms. Stanley, for such a great read. I admire your reserve and dedication in having to relive the horrors and showing that your beliefs can overcome the adversities you came across is a true testament to your character and legacy.

~Michael Rowland, TopShelf Reviews