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Lights an Adrenaline-Filled, Slow-Burning Fuse!



When I heard Jon Land was writing the next Margaret Thurman’s Capital Crimes novel, I knew I had to read it. It only took one page to see the pairing of Jon Land with this series was genius. What I loved about Murder on the Metro is how Land uses a slow burn. The action begins immediately, but then the intricacies and plot twists sizzle until the heart-pounding and explosive climax. Jon Land does what no thriller author does better. Multiple plot lines have nothing to do with one another, magically weave into an intricate tapestry that makes perfect sense. Murder on the Metro takes us from the beaches of Isreal, where a terrorist drone strike kills hundreds and draws the attention of Ex- Mossad agent Lia Ganz, better known as the Lioness of Judah. We then meet Robert Britton, Ex SITQUAL agent, who accidentally stops a suicide bomber on the Washington Metro. Our heroes are eventually brought together in a political storm, ending in a race to save humanity. Jon Land grabs the reins of one of the best thriller franchises and lights an adrenaline- filled, slow-burning fuse that will ignite the world in explosive fury!

~Mark Aducci, TopShelf Reviews