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"Age Is Not A Limiting Factor..." Welcome Encouragement for Seniors



South Dakota author Gary W Wietgrefe presents his debut book as a reflection on his passion for the adventures of life. His background is impressive: he is an inventor with six patents, an internationally published researcher, a military intelligence veteran, economist, agriculturalist, systems developer, societal explorer, cyclist, hiker and now – author! The subtitle of his book DESTINATION NORTH POLE explains more fully – ‘Adventured forty days through the Dakota Plains, Prairie Provinces, northern British Columbia, the vast Yukon and Alaska!”

When a person of the depth of experience of Gary W Wietgrefe takes on a challenge/task/adventure as the one so well described in this travelogue/memoir,’ the invitation to join him is strong. His ability to relate the impact of his trek is magnetic, as he shares in his opening remarks: ‘No radio. No headphones, No earbuds. No music. No static. Nowhere but ahead for an old guy on an old bike towards the Arctic Circle. Excitement. Danger. Humor. Scenery. Satisfaction. Serenity…at every turn. A solo, unexplored bicycle journey awaits. Despite age, distance, dangers, and protracted recovery, a retired 65-year-old corporate manager, researcher and author peddled nearly 5,000 in 40 days.’ Later he adds the recipe for life-long satisfaction – ‘Actively travel, be alert, read cautions from your body, pray, and always be kind.’

In addition to this fascinating diary of a journey, Gary adds moments of wisdom and insight that enhance the joy of reading his travelogue. ‘An idea is like light, if turned off you cannot return what you have seen’ and ‘Thinking is a step, but a step takes you toward your goal’ and ‘You cannot use what you forgot’ – all related to his preparation for this adventure, but also applicable to healthy mindsets for us all.

There are many benefits from absorbing this adventure with the author. In addition to the actual journey, the author offers a fine series of questions posed about the his decision to embark on his carefully planned North Pole trek, questions that offer practical as well as philosophical aspects. Every day of his journey includes the journal of times of departure and arrival, number of kilometers, calories – daily and total to date - and ‘daily dangers /excitement.’ Accompanying Gary on his goal is an enriching experience, not only for the wonders he exposes, but also for the challenges he offers – an aperitif for launching our own adventure! Entertaining and inspiring, especially for seniors, this is a book rich in content and encouragement. Highly recommended.

~Grady Harp