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‘Is the Shaper in the castle?’ – the exciting further adventures of Shawna Keys



Canadian author Edward Willett is not only an award winning science fiction and fantasy and non-fiction author, he also is a journalist and freelance writer, having served as communications officer for the Saskatchewan Science Centre. In addition, Edward is a professional actor and singer, performing n plays, musicals and operas! He hosts a podcast – The Worldshapers: Conversations with science fiction and fantasy authors about the creative process. He lives in Regina, Saskatchewan.

THE MOONLIT WORLD is Book 3 in Edward’s fine series WORLDSHAPERS which began with WORLDSHAPER that introduced the empowered Shaper, Shawna Keys. If this is the reader’s first entry into Edward’s fascinating world, the impact of this new episode is so well written that it is not imperative to have read the opening novels of the series to gain full satisfaction from the further adventures of Shawna.  

One of the several reasons this series works so very well is the author’s exceptional writing style: ‘The new experiences travel offers are said to broaden the mind. I’d had rather more new experiences (and more mind-broadening) than I really cared for since exiting my own world, pursued not by a bear but by the Adversary, and I’d just added a new one I could have done without: being shaken awake in the dark inside a ruined thatched-roof cottage and told, “I think we’re going to have visitors from the castle.” Immediate involvement in Shawna’s adventure is assured.

The plot is delightfully complex as the summary reveals: ‘Fresh from their adventures in a world inspired by Jules Verne, Shawna Keys and Karl Yatsar find themselves in a world that mirrors much darker tales. Beneath a full moon that hangs motionless in the sky, they’re forced to flee terrifying creatures that can only be vampires…only to run straight into a pack of werewolves. As the lycanthropes and undead battle, Karl is spirited away to the castle of the vampire queen. Meanwhile, Shawna finds short-lived refuge in a fortified village, where she learns that something has gone horribly wrong with the world in which she finds herself. Once, werewolves, vampires, and humans lived there harmoniously. Now every group is set against every other, and entire villages are being mysteriously emptied of people. Somehow, Karl and Shawna must reunite, discover the mysteries of the Shaping of this strange world, and escape it for the next, without being sucked dry, devoured, or—worst of all—turned into creatures of the night themselves. Beneath the frozen, gibbous moon, allies, enemies, surprises, adventures, and unsettling revelations await.’

All of the myriad aspects of Edward Willett’s talent are obvious in this terrific blend of fantasy, references to great literature and history, and imagination proffered with a keen comedic sensitivity. He here further establishes his stance as one of our more important authors. Highly Recommended.

~Grady Harp