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What Makes Me, Me?



Canadian author Erin Royce earned her degrees in Law and in English from Carleton University in Ottawa and has served as a fitness instructor on cruise ships – a vocation that allowed her to explore the world. WHY, MOMMY? is her publishing debut, a combination of drawing and writing inspired by her daughter Morgan!

A children’s book that is as helpful to parents as it is to children, MOMMY, WHY? benefits from the illustrations by Katie Carlson who elects to make the images appear as though a child has imagined and executed them – a strong compliment! As the title suggests, the book is a series of questions about identity and curiosity all children have likely asked. An example of on of the questions hints at the quality of both the question asked by the child and response from the parent: ‘Mommy, why are my eyes brown and not blue or green?  Because, my dear, you are part of both Daddy and me, and we are family. Your eyes are chocolate-brown like Daddy’s and mine, but with a splash of gold inside, beautiful brown with a golden hue. No one has eyes quite like you.’

Good questions and sensitive answers about hair type, facial features, height, running and more – all answered with supportive reassurance and a dollop of humor. The tone of the book is kind and openly loving, closing with such statements as ‘Be joyful and proud of who you are both inside and out – from your golden brown eyes to your flippy, crazy hair to that wonderful crooked smile that can be seen from a mile. Let no one ever make you feel incomplete. Your life is a gift, so be grateful for it. Be grateful for you, each and every day.’

Entertaining and supportive as a guide for dealing with questions children ask, this little book is a treasure – one that will enhance family love with warm reassurance.

~Grady Harp