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I Couldn't Read Fast Enough!



Skyla works at her grandfather's insurance agency and has a nice lifestyle she probably takes for granted. When she finds herself in the backseat of her own beloved Jeep, racing down the road with an unknown man at the wheel yelling obscenities at her, she panics and wonders if she will live to see the next day. What happens next will keep you riveted to your seat as you feel her hope. And then, hopelessness, in equal measure. This is a "stay-up-late-until-you-finish-it" read in the best sense. Please note, though. Ramcy Diek explains at the beginning of the book that there are intense scenes of sexual assault that you might find disturbing. If that's something that triggers terrible things for you, don't read this book. As for me, I found those scenes necessary to explain the dire, helpless circumstances she faces as she struggles through her ordeal. This is a page-turner, and I found it to be very engrossing. My guess is that you will too.


~Linda Keenan, TopShelf Review