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"Work Sucks For Most People Most Of The Time"

~A Wise Remedy From Two Experts



Canadian co-author Lew (Lewena) Bayer is internationally recognized as the leading expert on Civility at Work in North America. She is CEO of Civility Experts Worldwide, Trainers Consortium, President of the International Civility Trainers Consortium, Executive Director of The Center for Cultural Competence, Founder of the In Good Company Etiquette Academy Franchise Group, and serves on the boards of multiple important organizations whose emphasis in on civility in the workplace. She is a certified Culture Coach and is credentialed in Intercultural Communications, Essential Skills, and Occupational Language Assessment. Her articles and honors are prodigious, both in Canada and the US, and her books, such as excellent THE 30% SOLUTION, are standard bearers. Co-author Christian Masotti earned his degree from McGill University and has had extensive experience with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) manufacturing environments such as GM, Ford, and Chrysler. He is a consultant and popular speaker for business leaders, offering his expertise through his skills in Six Sigma, Lean and Kaizen (tools to improve capability through continuous improvement) to encourage social intelligence and cultural competence in leadership management. Together these two informed and committed humanitarians have created an astoundingly valuable guide for businesses - and for living in general!

‘Civility’ – defined as civilized conduct, especially courtesy or politeness – is the theme, and the authors offer how ignoring that trait – or incivility - is what bogs down production and morale and outlook and performance in the workplace. As Christian has stated, ‘When it comes to incivility, everyone in the organization is impacted in some way. This becomes a problem worth solving in any organization, but in manufacturing where the people on the production floor are the backbone of the business, it’s imperative to solve the problem of incivility at work.’ Extended examples of how the lack of
civility is the major factor in diminished returns may at first be eye-opening for many of us: how could something so simple as human kindness be at the core of flatlined employees?’ But read on and discover realities and the need for reinstating kindness.

With careful, well-considered language and instruction, the authors offer insight into the how and the why and the what if aspects of altering the atmosphere and hence the productivity and morale of everyone in the workplace (with a particular emphasis on manufacturing, as the title denotes). Their formula for how civility is a continuous improvement strategy for manufacturing civility - the 6 Cs for solving people problems – Character, Courage, Change Readiness, Communication, Competence, Consistency. Recognizing - accepting, and employing, these factors produces positive change in individual morale, wellness, and outlook.

Both authors impress with their sincerity of thought and of communication. This book focuses our attention on kindness – a trait that appears to be diminishing somewhat in this IT world, and even more evident during the period of the pandemic! The book is an invaluable aid to business leaders, a sensible and accessible strategy to improve all aspects of life in the workplace. These attributes are equally important for our daily interactions as citizens. Civility – a trait so immensely important for continuous improvement in living. RESTORE! Very Highly Recommended.

~Grady Harp