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One Solid Thriller - Romance With Strange And Terrifying Variations!


Rachel Tamayo understands mental illness as well as any writer today, and the manner in which she writes the perceptions and responses of each of the three primary characters - Emily, her love Isaiah, and the deranged mind of Noah - opens windows onto how the world perceives mental illness from both the afflicted and the periphery. Allowing us to read the insights of each character makes this a thrilling and insightful novel. CRAZY LOVE, as the title suggests, deals with a deluded, obsessive man convinced of his love for a woman who not only does not reciprocate his delusion but is committed to a love affair that serves as her safety net in dealing with the ‘stranger’s delusion.’ Powerfully written, this novel is a splendid view of love – real and imagined – and a wise discussion of the effects mental illness has on all participants.

~Grady Harp