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A map – ‘Across the top it said “Down the Rabbit Hole” – the mystery romance begins!


Canadian author Lawna Mackie has published ten novels in the Romance genre and now adds GOLD FEVER to her TREASURES OF THE HEART series. She has proven her ability to successfully weave romance and mystery and erotica into her Young Adult novels.

Establishing a history for the story in the form of a Prologue allows the reader to enter this rewarding journey, and how better to provide that than as a journal entry from one Charlie Avery written in 1897 initiating the quest for gold!

Having opened that gate of information, Lawna proceeds with her colorful and well-scribed prose in a telling incident: “Blood pooled in Finn’s mouth after the blow to the side of his jaw “We can make this all go away. Just tell us where the map is.” Tucker Talbot said with a smug look on his face. Finn laughed, which wouldn’t help his predicament. Again one of Tucker’s henchmen hit him. A couple more like that would knock him senseless – again. They’d get nothing from him so to be unconscious would serve him well. He refused to tell them anything…’ Arousing the reader’s curiosity with this passage is a fine way to proceed with this tale.

The plot flows so smoothly that reading the book non-stop to the end becomes near mandatory. The summary: ‘Could it be true? The gold existed. A treasure map alluded to such a find, but for over a century it was rumored a fable, one told by an old crazy man—Samantha (Sam) Avery’s great-great-uncle. One huge problem existed. Her brother Finn sent her the map and told her to run. Sam knew her big brother was in trouble and she had to help him. In Dawson City, Yukon, Hunter Gray, outfitter and guide had been hired to do a job. At the airport, pick up a Sam Avery and take him to the old Charlie Avery cabin up the mighty river. What Hunter Gray hadn’t expected was for Sam to be a Samantha, who wore fashion designer shoes, had a sharp tongue and a goddess like appearance—the vast wilderness of the Yukon was no place for somebody like her. Sam had to learn quickly. How hard could it be to ride a horse and live without running water and restaurants for a week? It didn’t matter, her brother needed her and Sam had to convince the ruggedly handsome man and his wolf… yes…wolf, that she was up to the adventure. Spending night and day together, Samantha knows the attraction between them is growing quickly. Not only is Samantha determined to rescue her brother, but she must now save her heart from a man who doesn’t believe in love.’

This is a terrific blend of hot romance rising from a background of mystery – just the sort of entertaining escape that makes solace in books valid!

~Grady Harp