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Canadian author Lew (Lewena) Bayer is internationally recognized as the leading expert on Civility at Work in North America. Referencing a study that proves the majority of Americans believe that incivility is a critical factor in the increase in violence in the workplace as well as being the primary factor for dissatisfaction with job, Bayer states in the Introduction, ‘Fact: People treatment is a critical success driver for business. How organizations treat their employees generally, and more specifically how the policies and procedures, incentives, and best practices that direct and dictate the overall experience of human beings at work can make or break organizational success.’ Civility’ – as defined by the experts- is ‘a conscious awareness of the impact of one’s thoughts, actions, word, and intentions on others: combined with a continuous acknowledgment of one’s responsibility to ease the experience of others (through restraint, kindness, nonjudgment, respect, and courtesy); and a consistent effort to adopt and exhibit civil behavior as a non-negotiable point of one’s character.’ Careful examination of the causes of incivility in the workplace turns on a light bulb for all of us. The author knows the territory and discusses every aspect of how civility in business is the primary goal for a business to achieve success. ‘Civility is the solution.’ Following her erudite examination of workplace problems, the author offers an exceptionally well-considered method for applying civility in action in business, adding helpful Assignments for implementing her advice and a series of keys and tools the reader can incorporate into the full incorporation of her book’s content. This is a book to absorb, not scan. Every reader will benefit from the wise guidance of this superb coach.

~Grady Harp