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I Wasn't Abducted By Aliens, I Was Summoned By A Unicorn! One Fine Thriller!


Canadian author Chris Humphreys (aka C.C. Humphreys) continues his magical Tapestry Trilogy with this second volume – THE HUNT OF THE DRAGON. His ability to comfortably transport the reader in time travel, his exceptional mixture of fantasy and reality, is an aspect of his writing skills that is apparent as he adroitly paints time present, grounded in Manhattan, to enter Volume 2 as primary character Elayne enters on a new adventure, this time dealing with dragons as opposed to Volume 1’s unicorns, as she pursues her valiant attempt to save the land of Goloth. If Elayne is to have any hope of saving Goloth from destruction, she must bring back the unicorns.  Summoned by a dragon, attacked by a griffin, betrayed by pirates, forced to fight—Elayne will need every ounce of courage to rescue her father, keep her best friend alive, and unite a realm … all while trying not to fall in love with the former tyrant-king!’ Humphreys’ expansion of his fantasy allows characters from each volume to grow into our psyches – a guarantee the reader will eagerly await the final volume of The Tapestry Trilogy. Superb fantasy writing! 

~Grady Harp