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Fear reigns throughout Los Angeles as an attacker goes on a massive killing spree targeting women of all ages. Harboring deep resentment towards the many women who have hurt him, Hunter is taking out his anger using his super-human abilities. One by one he stalks his prey, utilizing gruesome methods to satisfy the wolf within. Meanwhile, Adelaide goes undercover at Parantaa Research company––the sister company to Olento Research. It's there that she meets Mika Lenna and learns the mastermind she's up against. Under financial pressure from his investor's, Mika is willing to undergo more extreme measures to recover his investments. Beneath his supervision, the nightmarish scientific experimentation being produced could not only recapture the wolves––but bring the Lucidite Institute to its knees. Darker than its predecessors, this third book in the series continues to be more delightful than the last. When an extremely troubled young man is genetically engineered to become a werewolf––hence a killer––what are the repercussions? The author creates a riveting storyline of a deranged killer seeking perceived retribution, yet still ironically manages to make the character empathetic. A difficult feat that is pulled off organically and masterfully. Added in to this supernatural circus is additional wolves with various powers, invisible twins, neanderthals, clairvoyants, action-packed scenes along with the usual sarcastic banter that makes this a deliciously fun filled read. Rabid Wolf is a torpedo-fast, suspense-filled, spellbinding story that will have you furiously flipping the pages and leave you in baited anticipation of the next.

~ Kris Miller (TopShelf Reviews)