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“When They Come for You” puts front and center everything that makes James W. Hall one of our finest novelists and not just thriller writers, even though his seminal series hero Thorn is nowhere to be found. Taking Thorn’s place is photographer Harper McDaniel, who finds herself in her own private hell after her husband and baby are burned to death. Finding her way out means taking a dark road paved with obsession and vengeance that winds its transcontinental way through the Ivory Coast en route to unraveling a conspiracy somehow related to the cocoa trade. Little did we know that chocolate was dangerous for more than just the sugar and calories. Once Harper unleashes her martial arts skills we know we’re in the familiar territory of the hardcore thriller, albeit one navigated with rare brilliance of language and sense of scene. Hall is as good as ever, as adept with this landscape as his more familiar backyard of Florida, helping to make When They Come for You bold, bracing and brilliant.

~ Jon Land (TopShelf Reviews)