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Alex Rowe, the thirty-something narrator of this story, cannot stop dwelling on a tragedy that occurred during his childhood. As a result, his marriage is falling apart, he cannot relate to his autistic son, and he barely communicates with his sister and widowed mom. When his wife kicks him out, and he loses his job, he realizes he needs to change. To connect with his little boy, he learns to play Minecraft, a video game his boy loves, and little by little they build their own world together. In the process, Alex comes to understand himself and his child and comes to terms with his past. Although this may sound like a dire scenario, Alex is funny and likable, and we grow to love his son, Sam. The book is populated with interesting characters who round out his life, and the entire story is uplifting and poignant. In life, the author is the father of an autistic child, and while this is not his son’s story, his first-hand knowledge of autism and its challenges are apparent. Unfortunately, the descriptions of their Minecraft world were often too much for me. However, I found the story and its characters enjoyable and the narrator a delight.

~ Rosemary Fifield (TopShelf Reviews)