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Gordon Hudde, former Army Sergeant turned Cia operative, is on a mission to Syria when he comes across Jim Foster, a missing Seal Team member in need of rescue. After his rescue, Foster tells Hudde of an unbelievable meeting between the U.S. President’s Chief of Staff, Victor Crewbon, a son of a Senator, Terry Kinkade, and a known terrorist who is currently number 2 on the most wanted list. Although a conspiracy of this nature seems highly implausible, Hudde knows of Foster’s integrity and therefore, begins his own investigation. Soon the improbable becomes probable, and as the body counts begin to rise, Hudde fears this conspiracy may go as high as the President himself. A gripping and modern conspiracy makes this read feel as if it could be ripped from the headlines. An unscrupulous antagonist with secrets of his own provide for quite the fearful villain. Consistently fast paced, with a smart concept and a dynamic ending make for an often-exciting read. Unfortunately, poorly drawn characters that are not fully fleshed, a sometimes confusing, and often rushed plot-line, and too much telling versus showing, take away from what could be a really outstanding conspiracy thriller.

~ Kris Miller (TopShelf Reviews)