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killer cozy… masterfully plotted, fast-paced, nail-biting suspense, with a heaping helping of old-fashioned justice.



In Cabot Cove, murder follows our favorite mystery writer everywhere. Babs and Hal Wirth are hosting their annual Labor Day party when Jessica Fletcher enters the kitchen to find Hal laying on the floor, victim to a massive heart attack. While preparing for his funeral, Fletcher discovers a threatening letter addressed to Hal from his ex-business partner, Eugene Labine, a man who mysteriously turns up dead shortly thereafter. An unnerving revelation about Hal’s business affairs leads Fletcher down a trail ripe with controversy. Whatever this was, it was no accident, and it was not natural causes. But it’s the reason why Hal was murdered, that nails this book solidly in the 5-Star bracket. Jon Land has upped the ante as Jessica Fletcher places herself in physical danger to solve the most personal case of her career. Featuring all the beloved characters that fans love, A Date with Murder is a killer cozy, boasting a masterfully crafted plot, fast-paced scenes, nail-biting suspense, and a heaping helping of old-fashioned justice. Longtime fans of Murder, She Wrote mysteries will revel in this latest installment.

~Kris Miller, TopShelf Reviews