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They’ve taken his whole life and now he plans on taking theirs. When a SEAL team is sent on a mission into Afghanistan from higher up, something just doesn’t feel right to Lt. Commander James Reese. It’s an ambush that kills sixty-eight men, including the air support called in for back up. But on the day of his homecoming, when his wife and daughter are murdered in an assassination meant for him, Reese begins to uncover a corrupt government conspiracy. They’ve trained a killer and now the ultimate weapon is making a list to come after them. Move over Jason Bourne, there’s a new man to right the wrongs in the government and his name is James Reese! Intelligent, resourceful, and loyal, family man Reese is an endearing protagonist you can’t help but root for. Much like a Brad Thor novel, each scene is brilliantly plotted, action-packed and filled with heart-stopping suspense. The Terminal List is a scorcher of a debut thriller that reads as if it were on the big screen, and like Lone Survivor and Shooter, could easily be the next blockbuster hit.

~ Kris Miller (TopShelf Reviews)