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Love this book and sat up all night reading it!

Compelling and well-written story about a four-year-old boy who can inexplicably recall a former life. Janie Zimmerman is a single mother trying to raise her difficult son. He refuses to bathe, knows things she could not have taught him, and calls for his real mother. Faced with expulsion from nursery school, she seeks out a therapist to help diagnose her child. She reaches a psychiatrist, who is dealing with his own devastating illness. Together they reconnect with people from Noah's past, each learning that life is not as random as they think. Love this book and sat up all night reading it. Sharon Guskin writes in a clear crisp voice that is steeped in realism. She is able to capture the angst of the two mothers torn over losing a child. Great book with an interesting theory backed up with excerpts from a non-fiction source.

~Carole P. Roman (TopShelf Reviews)