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A fast-paced story about fate mixed with a series of coincidences and what happens when it all comes crashing together.

Scott Burroughs and a four-year-old boy are the only survivors when the plane in which they are traveling crashes. Noah Hawley peels back the layers of the story, uncovering the lives of the passengers and crew in a twisted maze of a story that takes the reader on a journey to piece together the mystery of the fatal day. "The universe is filled with things that don't make sense. Random coincidences...These things happen every day, and none of us is immune. My number came up is all." Burroughs tells the investigator trying to find the "why" of the tragedy. Could it be a vendetta, murder, or human error? Motives abound, and the hero who saved the child becomes hunted as if he is somehow responsible simply by surviving. Compelling and fascinating, it had me racing at warp speed to finish. In the end, with so many rich and deliciously provocative avenues to take, the end did leave me closing the book feeling a little disappointed. So close to a five-star read.

~Carole P. Roman (TopShelf Reviews)