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Author: Edward A. Dreyfus
Publisher: Edward A. Dreyfus
Genre: Crime
Availability: Available Now!
ISBN: 978-0692192436

BORN TO HUSTLE follows the lives of identical twin brothers as they learn to survive their abusive upbringing by identifying with fictional conmen, imitating behaviors of gangsters and secret agents, to become the bad-ass boys in black. With no one to protect them, the twins grow up fearful of attachments to anyone else but one another. They learn to use being idents to hustle the world around them, becoming the ultimate grifters focused on becoming as rich as possible as quickly as possible. Money is power – and they craved power. As they mature, a fissure begins to emerge in their otherwise symbiotic relationship causing friction between the brothers, threatening to divide them. When one brother becomes involved with a female grifter, their differences become apparent and threatens their relationship.