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  • Author: William C. Crawford
  • Publisher: Lilybet Press
  • Genre: Photojournalism
  • Availability: Available Now!  

Some of America’s greatest photographers roamed the country by automobile. They forever changed the context of artistic imagery. They eventually replaced traditional monochrome with color, and they shot the unnoticed aspects of the backside of our nation. Stephen Shore, Bill Eggleston, and Lee Friedlander were well known, working members of the New York school of photography.
William C. Crawford is their present day disciple. An avid minimalist shooter, Crawdaddy helped to invent Forensic Foraging, a throwback approach to modern digital photography. He spent five years sifting through his home state of North Carolina. He typically traveled by auto, keeping his mind wide open for often unseen photographic opportunities. This exciting volume exudes veneration for both his mentors and the Tar Heel State.
The heavily saturated, vivid color of Crawdaddy’s images drive the unmistaken synergistic tone of this book. The subject matter has been aptly described as “exotic southern funk”! It graphically illustrates the visual power of the the trite, trivial, and mundane. Most of all, it offers a refreshing new take for digital photographers.