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Author: C D Peterson
Publisher: Self Reliance Press
Genre: Non-Fiction
Availability: Available Now!
ISBN: 978-0960081509

It's the 1940s.  WW IIHome Front chronicles a farm family and how their lives were irrevocably changed by the war and by"progress" in the post-war period.   In Home Front  A Memoir from WWII  you'll share their story - the blackouts, the rationing, the fears, the patriotism and the unity everyone felt.  As the men go off to war, our narrator grows to an obliged maturity, shouldering the work they left behind while struggling with the daily impact of the war on his world.   But the biggest impact would come after the war when the country was all about getting back to normal.  For him and his family normal was gone.
Home Front also includes Voices from the Home Front where you can read  about 37Americans who share their home front stories in their own words






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