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Author: Kathrin Hutson
Publisher: Independently Published
Genre: Children's Fantasy
Availability: Available Now!
ISBN: 978-1733161329


It's only a matter of time before she ends the hunt.

Part human, part drackan, Keelin E'Kahlyn has made it halfway across the land, hunting down the human traitor controlling her blackouts for as long as she can remember. By her side stands Rokien of Asread, the rogue who echoes hints of Keelin's past--the only other who rivals her in skill and instinct. And he has no idea they're hunting the same man.

For too long, Brijer's Steward has escaped Keelin's grasp, only to string her along like a pet, leaving a trail of destruction, death, and hopelessness in his wake. And now, Menykh has found a way to control far more than the human fledgling who seeks him out for vengeance. He controls an army of drackans, biding his time to unleash them upon Asread and the Free Lands.

Through the Forgotten Lands and the iron forest, with aid from ancient tribes and the drackan Guardians themselves, Keelin's only hope lies in making it to Ydtha-Adin--seat of the drackan gods. But her choices haunt her, her bloodlust betrays her, and the products of her bond with both drackans and humans might just be the only thing standing in her way.



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