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Author: Robert Walker 
Publisher: Instinct Ink Books/Robert W. Walker 
Genre: Horror 
Availability: Available Now!  


Humor/Horror Humorror Novella Series features The Old Fart Squad of Chicago. Mix the horror of The Relic with the humor of Midnight at the Museum and imagine twists and turns that keep you guessing and questioning the meaning of true honor, duty, courage, and the rules of reality.

When the famous Bushman exhibit of a lowland gorilla goes missing from Chicago’s Museum of Natural History, no self-respecting Chicago police detective wants the case. So the assignment is pawned off on an ‘Old Fart Squad’ of 'dirty Harrys, retirees called back into service and led by the classy Aubrey Hamilton. But how does one profile a thief who has stolen a 500 lb. stuffed ape?

At first, Aubrey and her team suspect a hoax or fraternity joke—until bodies turn up inside the museum. Now the elderly sleuths must treat the case as a multiple-homicide investigation. However, the brutal nature of the attacks suggests Aubrey and her team have stumbled upon something belonging to the Twilight Zone. Take a step into the supernatural, urban-style. Written by the author of City of Serpents, City of Lies, The Instinct Series, The Edge Series, The Bloodscreams
Series and more.



















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