Author: Rich DiSilvio
Publisher: DV Books
Genre: Science Fiction 
Availability: Available Now! 
ISBN: 978-1950052004


Step into the mysterious mists of the beyond, where fascinating occurrences, unexpected twists, space adventures, time travel, bizarre happenings, and even humor are coupled with thought-provoking undertones that edify and entertain.

“Short Stories IV: Fantasy & Sci-Fi,” by multi-award-winning author/artist Rich DiSilvio, is the second installment of the author’s imaginative adventures into the cosmic realms of the unknown. Lovers of Rod Serling, George R.R. Martin, Gene Roddenberry, and other greats will feel right at home in DiSilvio’s fantastical worlds, each featuring illustrations by the author/artist.

Contents: The Stone Balls of Aberdeen, Dark Side of the Moon, Slumber Mountain, Reflections of Conquest, The Gorgon, and The Masque.