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Author: Kathrin Hutson
Publisher: Exquisite Darkness Press
Genre: Fantasy
Availability: Available Now!
ISBN: 978-1732201675


One Blood of the Veil still walks, and he has learned to listen.

Freed from the unending torment of the violet mists and his forty-eight deaths within the void, Kherron has reentered the world an entirely different man. He’s broken his vow to Dehlyn, to find and protect her at all costs, releasing the amarach vessel’s hold on him forever. Without this tether to the green-eyed woman with more ancient power than any one being was ever meant to possess, the path before him is his own to choose.

As a Blood of the Veil, with command over living things and the elements of the natural world, he is a protector—the voice that speaks between the natural world and the unseen. But Torrahs the Wanderer and the Brotherhood still strive to unleash The Unclaimed’s vast and terrible knowledge. The foundation of balance has cracked. The Nateru have lost themselves, the amarach have been undone, and Kherron must do what has been asked of him. Not because it was foretold, but because the things he cares about as a free man now face the edge of destruction. But is his final choice worth the cost of making it?





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