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Author: Kathrin Hutson
Publisher: Exquisite Darkness Press
Genre: Fantasy
Availability: Available Now!
ISBN: 978-1732201637


The ageless laws binding the world in ignorance have begun to shift.

Kherron draws closer to the Amneas coast and the Brotherhood attempting to shatter Dehlyn’s defenses. Few beings remain who fully understand the consequences of unlocking such volatile, rampant power amid unstable and long-forgotten magic. Kherron can rely on none of them.

He has only one option—stay alive long enough to free Dehlyn. Pulled by the unbreakable vow he made to the immortal vessel, he treks across Eldynia, aided only by the Sky Metal blade left by the amarach who failed to kill him. But he still hasn’t mastered his ability to commune with inanimate objects, which he now believes may have acted to save his life when, before, he’d assumed they conspired to end it. Kherron must unlock the impossible mysteries of what he can do, or the unchecked forces hunting him will ensure he fails entirely, while everything—and everyone—in his path is destroyed.





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