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Author: Douglas Wells
Publisher: TouchPoint Press
Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Availability: Available Now!
ISBN: 978-1946920386

How We End Up is an "Award-Winning Finalist in the Fiction: Literary category of the 2018 International Book Awards"

How We End Up is an "Award-Winning Finalist in the Fiction category of the American Fiction Awards"


  • Jackson Levee, an ambitious young college instructor, and writer, saves nine-year-old twin girls, Hadley and Haley, from drowning in the Gulf of Mexico. He writes a poem titled "After the Rescue" based on the incident and receives critical acclaim and a wide readership as a result of an appearance on a popular national television talk show.
  • The twins mature into beautiful but troubled young women. Jackson's success leads him to a professorship at an esteemed university in the Carolina mountains where he meets LaVeda with whom he has temporary happy marriage, but his ascendant star falls soon thereafter. Hadley marries a womanizer and through a chance encounter discovers that she is gay, loses the relationship, and sinks into alcohol and drug abuse. Haley suffers a depressive episode and afterward begins an unfulfilling affair with an older supervisor, subsequently marrying an army reservist who is horribly wounded in the Iraq war and whose PTSD threatens everything.
  • Through twenty-five years, Jackson's, Hadley's, and Haley's recklessness in sex, love, marriage, and life produces wild and horrific results. The struggle to transcend their misfortunes and realize their destinies