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  • Author: Dick Snyder
  • Publisher: AuthorHouse
  • Genre: Mystery
  • Availability: Available Now!  
  • ISBN: 978-1728332383

THE MARQUEE MURDERS In Woodland Park, lazy nights and weekly movie mysteries build a new audience. When film plots link themselves to homicides in the Rivoli parking lot, Lt. Chester Devlin is perplexed. Jonas Kirk is curious. They, along with local attorney, Roger Blaisdell, and newbie cop, Oliver Grant, search for connections. An athletic couple, the Gordons, grapple with their crumbling marriage while Kirk and his romantic partner, Sharon Cunningham, speculate on likely motives for a series of violent deaths. Suspects surface. Devlin’s observations produce muddled evidence and doubt, but in an intense group conversation, Kirk identifies the serial killer. Is it the right script?


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