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Author: Rich DiSilvio
Publisher: DV Books
Genre: Mystery
Availability: May 8, 2020
ISBN: 978-1950052059

Follow private eye Armand Arnolfini as he investigates a whole new array of baffling art mysteries in this second installment in the Arnolfini series. Continuing chronologically from his previous escapades, Armand confronts crafty art forgers, black market racketeers, and ruthless killers while uncovering great works of art. From the hunt for Leonardo's "Leda and the Swan" to works by the sculptor Jean Carpeaux, famous architects, and even a disturbing double murder at the Poe Cottage Museum, Armand's adventures will keep you riveted while bringing to light a broad spectrum of magnificent art and architecture that will enlighten and delight readers, be they novices or art aficionados.

This edition begins with Armand's wedding, as he and Andrea join forces to combat the villains of the art world. Chapters include Leonardo's Leda, The Carpeaux Caper, The Poe-pourri Mystery, The Five and Dime Mystery, and Amnesia of Artemisia.






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